The library of the Department of Linguistics and Baltic Studies

“A writing hand reaches far.”

Sami proverb

When can I come?

Opening hours of the library (Spring 2018):

Mon 13:00–17:00
Tue 13:00–17:00
Wed 8:00–12:00
Thu 8:00–12:00
Fri 8:00–12:00

How can I get in touch with you?


Use this e-mail address for example if you need to ask for an extension of your loan period. You can also let the librarian know in advance which book you would like to borrow and when you can come to pick it up: it will be prepared for you.


Where can you find us?

The library of DLB is located in Building J of the Faculty of Arts (entrance from Gorkého Street).

I am searching for a book.

How to search in the catalogue of DLB (Excel file)

You can find Baltic books under the numbers 15 (Lithuanian, Latvian, Prussian) and 20 (Finnish, Estonian etc.); journals and other periodicals are on separate sheets in the catalogue file:

15 Baltic languages and periodicals

20 Uralic languages and periodicals 

The number indicating the language family forms also the first two digits of the book number. It is followed by a letter which indicates the subject matter (e.g. grammar, fiction, dictionary etc.; see below). For example, then, if you enter “15-T” into the Search function in the catalogue (Ctrl F), you will be able to browse a list of all fiction books by Lithuanian and Latvian authors in the library. Do not forget to note the last number of the book number, which is derived from a given book’s position on the shelves.

A – comprehensive publications
B, D – publications on general topics, complete grammar books, handbooks
C – dialectology
E – phonetics, phonology
G – morphology
H – syntax
J – lexicology, etymology
P – history, geography, art, mythology, folklore
R – literary theory, philosophy
S – anthologies
T – texts, literature including fiction
V – dictionaries
X – multimedia
Z – periodicals

How can I borrow a book?

Borrowing books

 If you visit the library to borrow a specific book, the best course of action is to find its book number in advance and then to tell it to the librarian. The librarian will be able to find the book much faster.

The standard loan period is 30 days.

The library of DLB allows long-term loans of dictionaries and textbooks of Lithuanian, Finnish and Estonian (for example for a whole semester or even several semesters). We loan the following textbooks: Po truputį, Nė dienos be lietuvių kalbos, Finština pro samouky and E nagu Eesti; and the dictionary Suomi-Tšekki-Suomi taskusanakirja.

It is forbidden to loan the borrowed books to other readers without a record in the library ledger.

I want to finish my studies.

Before you finish your studies

Graduates have to provide a certificate that they have returned all books borrowed from the library of DLB (note that this is separate from the faculty’s Central Library). You can obtain this certificate from the librarian during the opening hours of the library. We ask you to bring the form of the certificate with you already printed out. You can download the form here.

I have some free time and would like to read or study.

Study room

The library of DLB also offers a space for study which you can use whenever there is a member of the DLB staff present.

The library of DLB also offers a space for study which you can use whenever there is a member of the DLB staff present.

Our librarian

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